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Once you have deposited real money into your DailyRewards Cash Games account, you will earn cash (between 1-4%) to your DailyRewards account for each dollar you spend from your GSN account balance. 


Please note that these credits are not based upon deposits, but are based upon cash entry fees you spend from your GSN balance.  Cash entry fees are entry fees spent only from deposits or winnings.  You will not be credited for entry fees spent from game credits (deposit matches, promotional bonuses, first-time player bonus, etc.)

Please also note that in order to be eligible to earn through your DailyRewards account, you must not have been a previous GSN member. 

Note: Only first-time GSN members creating their account through DailyRewards are eligible to earn cash back.

Crediting: Games earnings will be credited to your DailyRewards account 3 to 5 business days after completion of the Cash Games.

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