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To request payment, click the ‘My Account’ tab and then select ‘Request Payment’. Make sure to update and validate your full name, mailing address, and Email Address. DailyRewards offers it's members the payment method from PayPal. Members will need to have a PayPal account in order to receive payment.

Please enter in your DailyRewards Password on the Request Payment page and then enter your PayPal email address to finalize the payment request.

Don't have a PayPal Account?, No worries! Simply check the box "I do not have a PayPal account" and enter in the email address you would like PayPal to contact you via their introduction email to get you started.

It's that EASY!"

Make sure to have your current physical address listed in the your member profile or at the time you make your payment request so should we need to validate your account in order to process your payment we have current and valid information for you!

Non-Gold member payments will be processed 10-16 days after their first request and payments are processed on Wednesday’s of each week. After submitting your first payment request, it takes 10-16 days to cycle through the verification process before a payment can be issued.

DailyRewards Tip! A payment needs to be requested by the end of the day on a Sunday (11:59 p.m. CST) in order to process in 10 days. If a Wednesday falls on a US national holiday, payments are issued on the next working business day.

Gold Member payments are processed weekly when requested before the deadline of before 11:59pm Sunday's. For Gold Members who request a PayPal® payment your funds will be process on the Wednesday following. 

You can find more information on PayPal and how to create an account at Members must have an active and valid PayPal account in order to receive funds.

If you have not received your payment, click on "My Account" and "My Profile" and scroll down to "Payment History" to ensure your payment was processed. If so, please allow 3-5 business days for processing of funds from DailyRewards to Paypal to you to occur.

The payout button (request payment)will only appear if your account balance is greater than $30.00. Once requested your earnings will be visible in ‘details’ and updated to pending until your PayPal payment is actually processed. PayPal payments are processed to PayPal directly. Once PayPal has the funds they will send you an email notification called 'Notification of a pending eCheck payment'.

You will receive a confirmation email with date of expected processing date when you request a payment from DailyRewards

After your payment has been processed, the earnings associated with that payment will

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    Geoff McColgan

    I think it's absolutely terrible that a person is required to accumulate $30 before he or she can request payment from their Daily Rewards account. I personally have been with this site for more than a year now and have attempted and completed my fair share of daily surveys offered to me. In that amount of time I have earned a miniscule total of $15.40, meaning I'm just past the halfway mark to reaching a payout amount required. I have thought of quitting on several occasions but then decided otherwise based on my time spend and the amount I've already earned. Afterall, why would I forfeit it? Furthermore spending anywhere between fifteen and twenty minutes on a survey to earn .30 or .40 cents is ludicrous and that's exactly what this site offers.
    I'll continue until I reach my objective but in all honesty I have nothing good to say about Daily Rewards.

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    Decelles Alain

    moi j ai un compte Paypal et cela fait plus 1 mois que j essais de me faire payer quand viens le temps de confirmer après avoir inscrits mon mot de passe et confirmer rien se passe ,je les ai contacter et cela fait 4 adresse de eux que je rentre dans mes contact et ça fonctionne pas non plus ,c est des escrocs

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    In regards to the comment above saying it takes way too long to accumulate enough funds in order to cash out at 30$ . Well my experience is the opposite, I've been a member for not even 2 months yet, and I have $54.49 sitting in my account right now, with another $30 getting added to it within the next week. I should add, I never spent a cent on any offers to get all of that, I never paid for anything, it was all made just by being an active member of daily rewards.

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    Sorry, I thought this was a review page for people. My apologies

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