Inactive Accounts / Cleaned Accounts

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Member’s Account may be set to inactive for any of the following reasons:

  1. Invalid Email Address

    If DailyRewards receives a bounce-back error message or similar message when sending an Email to a Member, then that Member’s Account will be set to inactive. A bounce-back message may occur if the Member has added DailyRewards to their “Ignore List” or marked a message from InboxDollars® as SPAM, or for other reasons. Members should add the address to their “Allow List” and/or Address Book.

  2. Failure to Remain Active

    If a Member does not visit our website while being logged in or confirm a PaidEmail® at least one time within a 10-day period, their Account may become inactive. DailyRewards reserves the right to change this number at any time.

  3. Payment Requests

    Payment Requests are removed if a Member’s Account becomes inactive. The automated system that deactivates Members based on the above criteria runs immediately prior to payment requests being processed. Therefore, it is possible for a Member’s Account to be active right up until their payment is processed.  DailyRewards urges Members to ensure their Account remains active in order to avoid any delay in processing payments.

  4. Reactivation

    If a Member’s Account becomes inactive, they can reactivate it within 6 months of the Account being placed on inactive status by logging into the Member’s Section and requesting a Confirmation Email be sent to them. When the Member clicks the link provided in the Confirmation Email, their Account will be reactivated. 

  5. CLEANED ACCOUNTS: If Member does not visit our website while being logged in or confirm a PaidEmail® at least one time within a 6-month period, their Account will be permanently removed and all Cash or other items accrued will be forfeited.   In the event of a death of any Member, such Member’s Account is automatically and immediately terminated, and all Cash or other items accrued in such Account are forfeited. Your account is permanently removed and all earnings are forfeited if you go 6 months without participating in our program.

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