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  1. Participation

    When a Member completes an Offer through DailyRewards™, they are creating a direct relationship with the Advertiser who provided the Offer. Members should review the Advertiser’s Terms and Conditions relating to the Offer prior to completing the Offer. DailyRewards™ assumes no liability, obligation, or responsibility for any Offer on our Website, or for any subsequent billing or relationship that occurs between Member and Advertiser. Members should contact the Advertiser directly if they have any questions or disputes relating to the Offer.

    Some Offers provide additional incentives, such as gift cards, for completing the Offer. In these cases, the incentive is provided directly by the Advertiser to the Member, and is independent of the DailyRewards™ programme. There may be additional requirements to receive these incentives beyond what is required to receive credit from DailyRewards™. DailyRewards™ is not responsible for these additional incentives.

  2. Completion of Offers/Cash Earning Activities

    Unless otherwise stated, Offers are available for first-time customers only. Members will not be credited for completing an Offer if they have completed the Offer in the past, through DailyRewards™, any other website, completion of or participation in offers, interactions with Advertisers, or with the Advertiser directly.

    To be credited for completing an Offer, Members should complete the Offer immediately after clicking the Offer on our Website or in a PaidEmail®. Returning to the Advertiser’s website at a later time to complete the Offer or completing the Offer over the phone may result in not being credited for completing the Offer.

    The tracking and crediting of Offer completions is done via Cookies. Members should ensure their web browser is set to allow all Cookies in order to be properly credited for Offers they complete. In addition, Members should ensure their anti-virus and/or anti-spyware software does not automatically override their web browser’s Cookie settings.

  3. Crediting of Offers/Cash Earning Activities

    Most Offers will be credited to the Member’s DailyRewards™ account within a few business days from completion, while others may take up to 30 days to credit. Members should read and comply with all requirements of an Offer to ensure timely credit.

    DailyRewards™ credits Members for completing Offers based on information we receive from our Advertisers. Thus, the Advertiser has the final say in whether or not a Member is credited for completing an Offer. DailyRewards™ makes no guarantee that Members will receive credit for completing an Offer. Members should save all confirmation/welcome emails (and similar information) they receive from the Advertiser after completing an Offer. This information can often be used to credit a Member’s account if not done automatically.

    Many Offers on DailyRewards™ include a free trial period that enables the Member to try the product or service risk-free. Members should only complete these Offers if they have a genuine interest in the product or service. Canceling a free trial immediately after joining may result in not being credited for completing the Offer. DailyRewards™ reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate a Member’s account and forfeit all earnings and referrals, in addition to any other legal remedies, in the event a Member’s activity appears fraudulent.

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    Jeff Shanks

    You allow us to sign up, even if we are NOT located in the United States... no doubt to get our information to pass along to all your spam bots. Promises of rewards, yet most we DO NOT QUALIFY for due to the fact you m7st live in the US. PURE SCAM!!!!

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    Stephan Charron

    I agree with you

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    I agree

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