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  1. Tracking

    Members can use their Referral URL to refer other Members to DailyRewards™. Because DailyRewards™ allows only one Account per Computer, our referral tracking software will not allow one Member to refer another Member if they are using the same Computer.

  2. SPAM and Unsolicited Email

    Members may not SPAM (send unsolicited email to persons they do not know) in order to refer other Members to DailyRewards™. We cannot possibly list all acceptable and unacceptable methods of advertising. If a Member has a specific question as to whether or not a particular advertising method is acceptable, they should contact us prior to engaging in that action.

    1. Members may not send Unsolicited Email advertising DailyRewards™
    2. Members may send Solicited Email to their subscribers advertising DailyRewards™. However, Members must adhere to all current legislation, including the CAN-SPAM Act and Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.
  3. Refer-a-Friend Service

    Members may use our Refer-a-Friend Service to automatically send an Email notification to their friends. However, if the Member’s Refer-a-Friend Email results in a SPAM complaint, the Member’s Account may be terminated. Members should use the Refer-a-Friend Service to notify only their close personal friends.

  4. False Advertising and Testimonials

    Members may not make untrue or exaggerated statements when advertising DailyRewards™ or engage in any unfair or deceptive trade practice as defined by law. For example, a Member may not put on their Web Site: “Join DailyRewards™ and get paid C$1.00 for every Email you read!” If the Member provides information about DailyRewards™ on their website, they must ensure the information is updated and accurate. Member’s Account may be terminated for false advertising.

    You must be especially careful to obey applicable laws and regulations regarding testimonial or endorsement by you recommending DailyRewards™, an Advertiser or Offer, so that such testimonial or endorsement is not false or misleading. For example, if you made an online statement recommending DailyRewards™, then you should also disclose the material connection between yourself and DailyRewards™. For greater detail, please see the Competition Bureau of Canada’s guidance found in s. 2 of the following document, under the heading “Representations relating to products”:

  5. Referral Rewards

    Referral Rewards are credited to a Member’s Account for all qualified earnings generated by Members they refer to DailyRewards™. Qualified earnings are defined in the Support Centre.

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