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We invite you to join our DailyRewards family on Facebook!

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We have fun here every day with Member postings and comments, helpful tips, creative ways to save money and some great offer announcements!

It's just another great way Members can have FUN with DailyRewards!

Note: Any member support requirements or account specific information should be directed to LiveChat 24/7.

There are TWO different ways to "Like":  Channels and InboxDollars Site

  1. The Individual Channels (Cash Surveys, Cash Offers, Grocery Coupons, etc.): Clicking on "Like" on one of our channels (found conveniently next to the name of that channel) will create a post to your Facebook Wall letting your friends know that you like that particular channel.  As an added bonus, a "Like" about one of our channels contains a special link to our site for your friends to click and join.  If one of your friends joins us using your "Like" of our channel, they will be credited as your referral!
  2. The DailyRewards Site:  Clicking on "Like" on the header of each page.  By doing this, you create a post to your Wall and NewsFeed.  You also become a fan of the DailyRewards Fanpage on Facebook, which makes you elibigle for messages DailyRewards creates on its Fanpage (they will be automatically posted to your Wall). 

Note:  Pressing "Like" next to the DailyRewards logo enlists you as a fan to our FanPage only, and does not contain a referral ID.  You you will not receive referral earnings from Facebook friends who sign up to DailyRewards from this post.  Referrals come from Channel and Accomplished Activity posts only.

DailyRewards Member Guidelines:

  1. You do not need to be connected to Facebook to click the "Like" button and post to Facebook.
  2. There is no limit to how many likes you create - each will generate a post to your wall and news feed, informing your friends about InboxDollars.
  3. When you click "Like", a general message to post is created - but if you want, space is provided for you to type a unique or personalized message.  Your choice!
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