How can I earn with Games?

Jenni -

Please remember that, like all of our other Games opportunities, only Members joining WorldWinner/GSN for the first time are eligible to receive credit.

To earn money in your DailryRewards® Account playing WorldWinner/GSN Games, you first deposit real money into your WorldWinner/GSN account. These funds must then be used to play Games on WorldWinner/GSN's site. You will earn cash in your DailyRewards account for each dollar played in real money through WorldWinner/GSN Games.

The initial $10 – $20 deposit you make to upgrade your account will be matched by WorldWinner/GSN. These funds can be used to compete against other players of a similar skill level to win cash and prizes.

WorldWinner/GSN Games earnings will be credited to your DailyRewards account within 7 business days after completion of the Cash Games.

The WorldWinner/GSN Games website is provided by WorldWinner/GSN, a partner of DailyRewards™. Your WorldWinner/GSN Games account is separate from and not related to your DailyRewards account.

To withdraw funds from your WorldWinner/GSN Games account, log in to your account with WorldWinner/GSN, click the “My Account” link, and then the “Withdraw Money” link. Visit the WorldWinner/GSN website for further information and support regarding your WorldWinner/GSN Games account.

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