Survey Types

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There are different types of surveys available from the Survey Page.

Survey Mailings:

These are surveys that are located at the top of the page that usually have a #SV_Number associated with it.  The Survey will list the approx time to take the survey (surveys may take longer than posted), the topic of the survey if available, and the amount to earn if qualified and successfully complete the survey.

Daily Surveys:

Daily Surveys are located in the middle of the Survey page and include the Survey Providers;

  • OpinionWorld Surveys
  • Survey - GSP
  • Peanut Labs
  • Opinion Surveys

All of these providers with the exception of Peanut Labs allow 1 successfully completed survey per day and pay .50 cents per survey completion. Peanut Labs allow up to 5 successfully completed surveys per day and pay varies.

Profile Surveys:

The profile surveys are for you and located at the bottom of the survey page. Complete these surveys and be matched with pre-qualified, higher paying surveys!

The profile surveys to complete are:

  • General Profile Survey
  • Interests Survey
  • Household Survey

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