Referral Message Error?

Jamie -

Refer Friends & Family Error Message

Error messages are not fun! To help you sort it all out if you get one of these messages:

"Sorry, Cannot send a Refer-a-Friend notification to this E-Mail Address"

  • Sent to a member that already has an account with us
  • Sent to an address that has asked for their email address to be suppressed (put on our "Do Not Send list")
  • Sent to an address that has already been sent to within the last 24 hours.

"Please enter a valid email address"

  • You need to have the most recent (updated) Javascript enabled on your computer. Please refer to your web browser help section to enable Javascript on your computer.

Note: You can always email your referral URL directly to your friend, as opposed to using our Refer Friends tool.

Terms:  DailyRewards only permits 1 account per individual, per household, per computer and per address. Creating more than 1 account may result in all accounts being removed and earnings lost.

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