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Cash Apps can be found in our DailyRewards mobile app on the Apps Channel from your mobile browser.

Cash Apps can only be downloaded one time for credit so additional attempts to download for crediting will not be permitted.

You can review the apps that are currently available for download, select the app you would like and download to our Phone or device. 

Crediting will be issued once the app provider has verified you have successfully downloaded the app, followed the requirements such as registration and/or activity on the app before crediting is applied.

Some apps will credit within 30 minutes up towards an hour. Some  apps are listed as offers and credit in 7-10 days from date requirement of that app was met.


Downloaded an app and didn't receive credit?

Possible reasons for not receiving credit to your account:

    • If you did not fulfill or meet all of the requirements necessary to be awarded.
    • If you completed the offer through another source.
    • Please make sure you completed the offer through InboxDollars® only.
    • Past downloads will prevent you from receiving new credit.
    • Sometimes it takes a bit more time for us to get a response from our advertisers.
    • Your browser security settings are configured to not accept third-party cookies, causing the report to fail.
    • Software on your computer/device is hijacking the cookies and crediting the offer completion to another company.
    • If you have ad blocking software it will prevent advertisers from placing the cookies required to track the offers.

Note: Keep all proofs of completion (PIN numbers, confirmation texts, member registrations, payment receipts, invoices, etc.) for your records. To speed up the customer support process the apps provider will request proof of completion.




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